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Our mission at Tammi Morris Ministries is to share with as many people as we can about God's redemptive grace and powerful healing.  We do this through the sharing of authentic and personal testimonies to what God has done in the life of Tammi Morris.  God promises that there is hope and healing through our faith in Jesus Christ. 

"Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; you are mine." Isaiah 43:1b

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Fundraising Events

We know from experience that some of your best ministry outcomes for volunteer recruitment and operating funds, comes from having effective and authentic speakers at your fundraising & outreach events.  We know this because every event attempts to bring "personal stories" to the podium. Why? Because they work, and people not only connect with the speaker, but they remember for months to come the impact that speaker had on him/her. They associate that speaker with your organization!!


There's lots of great and meaningful speakers out there. Unfortunately, many "popular" speakers are cost prohibitive to the average ministry/church budget.


Let's face it, if you have to raise A LOT OF money to underwrite your speaker, your stress levels just shot through the roof and the money you need to raise probably just tripled.  Even when your board decides that the best move for this year, what happens next year? You can't bring the big names in every year, otherwise your program dollars just became a very small income line item.


The truth is trends show big names rarely yield big results and almost never get that regular income you so desperately need.


Call us and lets talk about your individual ministry needs.  Consider a speaker that can leave an impact beyond an event, that will leave your guests talking for months to come, thus sharing your mission with many.


Contact us to learn more. We'd love to hear from you!

Ministry Leaders

We've all had the volunteer who brings their time, talents and even treasures to our ministry tables. Often what they lack is intimate  understanding of the mission and the perspective required to move the ministry ahead.


Volunteers have their primary lives and often ministry work gets put on the back burner, regardless of best intentions.  Some of your volunteers have a heart to serve, but do not have first hand experience in the ministry they are called too. This can cause unintended troubles for those you serve. Sometimes, a person has firsthand experience but doesn't know how to translate that to the ministry arena! I know I ran a ministry helping homeless single mothers for 6 years. The challenges are well a challenge, but they can be overcome and your team strengthened and longevity increased.


Consider bringing Tammi in to talk about a variety of issues including, addiction, abuse, abortions, homelessness, faith, and the occult. I talk about radical obedience, deliverance, marriage and family, board development, team building, gifting(s), etc and give your volunteers or prospective volunteers the get started jump or refreshing boost they need.​

Rallies, Small Group & Sunday Mornings


Church & Ministry leaders across America are always looking for new speakers to come in and help their congregations/attendees recharge their batteries, go deeper in biblical principles being taught, or even enhancing their personal walks to become more effective and healed members of the BODY.


Tammi has extensive public speaking, experience in working with pastors and leaders to come up with a unique talk to meet each individual churches needs.


This is always done through story-telling and practical proven biblical application. Allowing the Holy Spirit to flow in purpose and power is always an effective way to minister to those you love and support so closely.  


Contact  Tammi might be a good fit for your ministry or church body.

Interested in booking Tammi? Let's Talk.​

Tammi's story and life  clearly demonstrates the power of the Gospel, the beauty of obedience and the reality of Gods Love.  January 2019

“Listening to Tammi speak, I was drawn to tears, filled with hope, called to action, and awakened to the power of God's healing love for those who

believe"   ~Anonymous  October 2019

“We are now more equipped to handle the needs and approaches required to help those facing an abortion decision or in the abortion field. Thank you to Tammi for her courage, and witness. “   ~ Respect Life Leader- Southcentral Pennsylvania (February 2018)

“When I heard tammi share her story, she drew me in, I felt as if I was with her at each point in her journey, but more than anything, she helped me experience HOPE for my own hurts, and that God loves me.”   ~ Retreat attendee. 2014​
“Tammi's story needs to be heard by everyone in both the faith and secular communities. She's a powerful, humble, transparent and compelling speaker. She helped me view those who've suffered and made agregious choices, differently”   ~Diocese Priest 2014
"I was a believer for 15 years, when in a last ditch effort to save my life, I attended this woman's retreat. I had decided if God didn't speak to me, I was going to committ suicide when I got home. I was tired, weary, broken and fed up! When I heard tammi speak, it broke me and gave me hope. She had gone through such trauma, but was faith and joyfilled and remained obedient under such difficult times. I decided I wanted to live, because she said "God would do for me what he did for her!" ​  ~Single Mother 2014
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