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About Tammi


Born and raised by a single mother in the projects of Syracuse NY, Tammi is no stranger to suffering. Her mother, although deeply loved her and her twin brother Anthony, she was deeply wounded by her own upbringing. Tammi’s mother most likely would have been diagnosed as bipolar, as she suffered from bouts of deep suicidal depressions, along with fits of rage and substance abuse. She was hospitalized several times at Hutching Psychiatric Hospital, but never really got better.


Tammi’s mother was physically disabled and suffered from severe mental illness rendering her unable to work for most of her adult life.  In the 1970s- 1980s, resources for single mothers were limited at best and usually resulted in some type of public assistance that did little or nothing to help lift people out of poverty.  Tammi and her brother spent time in foster homes and were tormented with the constant uncertainty of what was next. Services for mental illness were limited to being medicated and quiet or being institutionalized for good, left to deteriorate further.


Tammi, strong-willed and determined, promised herself that she'd never end up like her own mother. But she got pregnant at the age of 15 years old, gave birth to her daughter and only 1.5 years later had her first abortion at the age of 17. Tammi would go on to become sporadically promiscuous, at first to seek acceptance and later on to simply rebel. She would have several abortions over a 17-year period, with each one being convinced that nothing good could from her and any child spared her mothering was a child better off. Tammi was in several abusive relationships, and in her late twenties, would turn to alcohol to numb her fears from the trauma.


Tammi married, but it didn't last. She left her husband, but not before giving birth to her second child, a boy in 1998. Her hopes for the future were high, even if she were forced to be a single mom again.  SHe was a better Mom, and was advancing professionally.


Tammi began experiencing success after success in her career, but never fully felt as if she measured up to those never-ending stream of promotions and titles. She always felt she was one pace ahead of being figured out. Tammi always felt she had to portray anyone/anything other than who she really was.


Her relationship track record proved she would either smother or use those who tried to get close to her. Surely, she'd fail in business too, or so she thought.  Tammi would eventually engage in adultery, same-sex relations, and the occult and compile a long list of "nevers" that would become a reality in her life. So as the single mother with the expensive house with in-ground pool, new SUV in the driveway, Deputy Director role in a large nonprofit, a spot on the PTO, and at least the fear of her subordinates, she appeared to have it all. 


No matter how much outward success Tammi gathered, she couldn't hide from the broken and self-loathing ghosts that filled her soul. She became more volatile, drinking almost all day everyday, wielding her power to take down anyone who got in her way, keeping close those who kept her secret. She was respected in her work and accomplished some pretty amazing things for a high school dropout and only 1 year of college, but Tammi still felt like it wasn’t enough--it was never enough.

Until one day, while driving into work, Tammi cried out to the God of her childhood; the one who was described as the God who judges, and doesn't accept little bastard girls into his family. She made a deal with God (rather an ultimatum) and in that moment, on that day, on a short stretch of I-83 North in Northern York County, her life changed. It's almost as dramatic, some say more dramatic as the Apostle Paul’s retelling of his road to Damascus experience, and Tammi would come face-to-face with the Living God!


That night, at a Joyce Meyer Conference in Hershey, PA, Tammi was saved, and later baptized in the Holy Spirit on April 23, 2004. What God would do over the next 10 years blew Tammi’s mind. It is a story that is close to unbelievable but when heard it will witness with the Spirit of God living in each of us who are saved and springs forth hope in those who are not!!! It may even offend secular pop culture, but she'd rather it inspire them to think differently, to challenge what they believe and ultimately meet the Heavenly Father she tell the world about. 

Tammi has been walking obediently and faithfully with the Lord ever since and boy does she have a lot of stories to share.....

This is just a brief overview of Tammi Morris. We encourage you to consider bringing Tammi to speak at your event. She has experiencing in fundraising, retreats, conferences, small group, team building, volunteer recruitment and Sunday morning pulpit presentations. We promise you will not be disappointed in Tammi's unique gift to communicate, the power, love, mercy, forgiveness and plans of God through the telling of her own hundreds of stories!  Contact us for more information.! We'd love to hear from you! Please email us at

Hutchings Psychiatric Center 1970's
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