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Toys & Things We Say......

As a new or struggling Christian it never helped me to hear people who were always saying things like.....

I’m too blessed to be stressed

Devil ain’t stealing my joy

I’m blessed and highly favored

Gods got this, I’m not gonna put negative confessions in the atmosphere.... by saying what’s happening....

Leave the past in the past.... or you’ll turn into a pillar of salt....

Set your hand to the plow.

This list could go on and on.......if my memory was better.. LOL!

But here's the point, it’s not that these sayings are of themselves bad. However, out of full context of how to get there or why, unintentionally they can just heap more burden on a believer....

It can shut down, create isolation and even totally discourage those who don’t get it yet or can’t pull themselves out of their funk, depression, circumstance, etc

We know that the word (God) says we are to give thanks in ALL things.... 1 Thessalonians 5:18

We know that the word (God) says we are supposed to consider it pure joy when we face many and various trials James 1:2-4

We know that the word (God) says we are to glory in our sufferings Romans 5:3

We know worship is a mentioned in many scripture references in Old and New Testament. ...

All of statements by well intended Christians have some truth to them, yet they often collide with the facts and are taken out of context. It takes time walking with the Lord in an area to see this play out, to see Gods faithfulness, to KNOW He is Good.

Eventually many of the above Scriptures become quick responses for the mature believer! Yet even the older and more mature believer may also hit a brick wall, from time to time and feel like they are back at square one. Old feelings resurface, old wounds seem to have been ripped open, and the frenzy of emotions seem to be impossible to overcome.

This is why the blend of all that encompasses the Christian Walk is so meaningful. Studying the Word of God. Fasting. Prayer. Rest. Worship. Praise. Service 2 Others. Church (Corporate Assembling) and Fellowship of the Saints is necessary and beneficial!

All of these expose us and teach us things that are essential for a victorious walk with God. Things that just one or two of these are unlikely to yield. As a matter of strong opinion, I've never seen a Christian walk in fullness without all of these elements.

So, today I’ve been sad on and off. Nothing in particular that I can pinpoint or that has happened. Somethings have frustrated me today but I know they are responses to an existing sadness that I cannot yet name.

Please don’t try to guess or tell me what’s wrong with me. Unless of course, it’s a word from the Lord. Just pray for me please! Thank you! That's the other place we fall short. We talk to much and pray too little for others.

I went through my day, living life and tonight I went to AC Moore to grab a few odds and ends for a family dinner and early Christmas celebration.

As I slowly strolled through the aisles, tired from all the days work, I started to notice “things” that inflamed my sadness! At one point I literally thought I was going to cry......

I quietly prayed for God to give me wisdom and revelation about the thing bubbling to the surface, that I cannot yet see or discern. I thanked him for the many times before where I learned to trust him, know he was gentle and his timing was perfect and that all he did was for my good and his glory. I paid for my stuff. I came home. Now I’m reflecting and eating chocolate covered cherries chased by Pepcid AC. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

As pictured below, I’ve seen these toys many times over the years never and they never bothered me. The healing work the Lord has done removed any negative feelings associated with things that reminded me of my childhood..... these particular toys have never brought me sadness or discomfort.... until today!

So would any of the cliche Christian sayings above help me? Of course not! In this context it’s little more than shallow.

The scriptures are definitely admonitions and good.

There are many more scriptures that would be helpful too. A listening ear. An Ebenezer Friend, to remind me what God has done would be good too. But all that said, this revelation and ultimate healing is in Gods Control. I can cooperate! I will. He’ll do it!

As I pray and wait for his revelation and ultimate healing, I say this..... When things trigger you, don't retaliate against the person or thing, but pray and wait for God. He's Worthy and Faithful. P.S. These toys do not create sadness, the memories I have associated do! That said I bought some of these for others for Christmas! :)




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