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Updated: Nov 25, 2018

1) How Do You LIVE with yourself?

2) Why didn't you keep your legs shut?

3) Didn't you know what caused the pregnancy?

4) If you abort this baby you ARE going to hell.

5) You ARE going to hell because you aborted your baby.

6) I wish your mother aborted you.

7) You should be dismembered just as you dismembered your baby(ies) through abortion.

8) You don't deserve to be alive. You deserve the electric chair.

9) You're a disgusting excuse for a human being. You make me sick.

10) I hope you get cancer as payment for having an abortion(s)

11) You should never have children, at least justice was done for your aborted child, they were spared being raised by you.

I'm sure I could spend 5000 words talking through each of these but the simple fact is, millions of women in the US have aborted their children in the past 40 years. The battle to save the unborn is raging in our country today. I believe most women, regret their abortions. Just like I do. I also know that post-abortive women can be a force for good especially with other post abortive and abortion minded women. If we mobilize these women through healing, support, training and community activism of all sorts, our voice can be raised to the power level it needs to make a major shift in our culture. I've heard these things said to me. I know how they stung. But I also know my response needed to be in love, because regardless of how I view you as a person, you are created in the image of God and that deserves honor, even if you act dishonorably against your fellow man.

If you have said any of these things to me or women like me, let me ask you this? Why? How does such venom advance the PRO-LIFE MISSION? Would you feel better if my suicide attempts succeeded? Would that save one more baby? Just somethings to think about. Please, please don't lose your passion for the unborn, but also please get some passion for their mothers! Because they have stories too. Thank you for hearing me out.

To learn more about my abortion trauma and healing story

listen to this interview or visit my website. Tammi's Website




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