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Psalm 30:2
"Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me."

Tammi loves to bring hope, healing and deliverance through Jesus Christ by the sharing of her poignant and powerful testimony of how God's extraordinary love rescued her.


I'm a woman loved and created in the image of God! I was planned before the foundations of the earth. It says so in Jeremiah 1:5. I was also created for a purpose. You guessed it the bible tells me that as well in Jeremiah 29:11 

I'm also a woman who has spent most of her life not knowing this! I spent the first 32 years believing.

 I was a mistake, a bastard, a stain on the fabric of humanity, and a waste.  Members of the Catholic clergy affirmed this without even knowing it. So did every person I ever loved, except for my twin.

As a result of this belief in how I was treated and spoken to, I manifested that mistaken identity for years and caused great harm to myself and others, to the point where my life almost met a tragic end. After what I had done to my unborn children and the people I loved,  a sad and even torturous death is that I believed I deserved.

Without God's intervention, there would be no Tammi Morris today. I'd be an obituary shoved in the back of someone's desk, never thought of unless something sparked a memory, probably not a good one either. I would've left my mark on this earth, but it wouldn't have been for the betterment of anyone or anything! I also would've gone to my grave, not knowing Jesus.  BUT then, one morning on a short stretch of highway in Southcentral Pennsylvania, my life changed.

To Learn More About Why I CANT KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT AS LONG AS I'M NOT DEAD, CLICK THE LINK ABOVE and maybe you'll want me to share my story in person to your group or event!!  Either way, God Bless You and KNOW that GOD PROMISES TO HEAL US FROM WHAT WAS DONE TO US AND BY US if we trust and obey HIM.    

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